5 Simply Magical Cisco IOS Tricks

When it comes to Cisco Routing in Cisco IOS there are multiple ways to get things done quickly. Here are just five of them that could make your life easier. Then again, you’ve probably already figured this out on your own. So we’ll keep it to just five. If you have more don’t be shy. Share the wealth!

1. ‘do’ in config mode

This is one of the most time saving ones that few people seem to know
about. Start using it right now! Basically, it lets you run exec commands in a
global configuration mode.

2. Include, exclude and begin

How often are you trying to find something you misplaced in the configuration?
Personally, it’s too often. Perhaps you just want to see some info and not the other.

Use include or exclude.

Here’s a few examples:
[Router1(config)# do show running-config | include ip_address]

This will include all occurrence of ‘ip address’ in the configuration file, the
underscore works for spaces, so you can do this as well:

[Router1(config)# do show running-config | exclude password]

It will exclude every line that has ‘password’ in it.

3. Alias ps

If you ever run the same command a billion times why not try using
an alias?  Having these in place will save you a few headaches.

Alias exec sb show ip int brief
alias exec ps sh proc cpu |excl 0.00% _0.00%_0.00%

4. Time-range command

This will allow access to within 8am and 4pm

Here’s how:

[ Time-range workhours
periodic weekdays 8:00 to 16:00
ip access-list extended permit Permission-To-Internal-Server-In-Works-Hours
permit tcp any host 10.
0.0.5 eq www time-range Workhours
deny tcp any host eq www
permit ip any any ]

5. Redistribute default gateway route into OSPF

This is pretty common too. It’s done under the ‘router ospf’ in global configuration.


Router1(config-rtr)# default-information originate always.

Those are just 5 that we’ve found to be helpful for others around the block and perhaps
it’ll help you too. For more Cisco insight take a look at StormWind Studio’s world renown Cisco instructor: Ryan Lindefield