5 Reasons IT Certifications Are Absolutely Worth It

It pains most people to start looking at furthering their education. Demanding
jobs, families, and life in general all stand as a huge barrier of entry.

Training has changed. The industry changes faster. Here’s a list of reasons why
you can’t afford not to get that learning and certification train moving.

1. IT Theory vs. IT Practice

I’m sure you’ve heard this tossed around a number of times.

“That guy is just book smart”

You get the picture. It’s one thing to know the content required to ace your test,
but if you can’t apply knowledge on the job it’s useless. It’s like learning a
language through conversation or through formal training. How many people did
you know in high school that failed English?

IT training, delivered properly, prepares you for the arena, not the bleachers.

2. The Proof is in the Pudding

IT professionals that earn and retain their certifications are much more marketable.


Less time and money spent by your employer on training and
onboarding. Not to mention you’ve built a tangible history of
what you can actually do, not just recite and repeat.

3. Certifications Can Upgrade Your Soft Skills

All of your employer’s eggs aren’t in the technical skills basket.

At the end of the day, it’s still a people business.
Certified IT professionals tend to have better communication and
project management skills.
These skills are icing on the cake.

Translating your IT dialects and smoothly articulating them
to your peers, subordinates, and supervisors enables the entire enterprise to
function more efficiently and less expensively.

4. Time-to-Hire Accelerates

It’s no secret. The struggle to find the right combination
of talent is real. There has yet to be a reason not to trust a
certification in the eyes of employers. When they see that stamp of approval
it’s nearly a done deal.
All that’s next for them is a quick and painless

5. When You Get Down To It… Go With the Certification

Certifications today have evolved to be much more performance-oriented
and less about proving your smarts. When you boil it down at the end of the day everyone wins.
You’re making it much easier to become an autonomous asset that
they can’t live without.

It’s never been easier to get started. Check out our massively engaging HD training demos and
we’ll say congratulations when you land your dream job.