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Why StormWind

At StormWind, we believe in providing training that both prepares you for certification AND use on the job. Microsoft offers numerous certifications for Azure and the product is constantly updating. With more companies moving to partly or fully on the cloud via Azure these certifications are quickly becoming must-haves, and StormWind is proud to be a part of so many professionals journeys.

Take the next step and join Will, a 5-time Microsoft MVP, and the entire StormWind team in our Azure courses today!

  • Full access to both regularly run Live events and their replays
  • Full access to Hands-on Labs that utilize real gear
  • Direct access to Will, both in and out of class
  • Industry leading practice exam that properly prepares you for the exam

What You'll Bring to Your Organization

  • Better understanding of Azure services and workloads
  • Concepts of hybrid networking
  • Better understanding of the different Azure subscriptions and which makes sense for your organization
  • Security and privacy in Azure

What You'll Take Away

  • Azure onsite networking chops
  • Cloud based networking skills
  • Better understanding of intricate Azure tools
  • Backup, restore, and monitor virtual machines

Azure Fundamentals Crash Course


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