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5 Reasons IT Certifications Are Absolutely Worth It

It pains most people to start looking at furthering their education. Demanding jobs, families, and life in general all stand as a huge barrier of entry. Training has changed. The industry changes faster. Here’s a list of reasons why you can’t afford not to get that learning and certification train moving. 1. IT Theory vs. IT Practice I’m sure you’veRead More
September 21, 20151

The Most Expensive PCs in Computer History

If you’ve found yourself complaining, or slightly perturbed when it comes to your next computer purchase and or update, stop right now. Have a kool-aid and think about when the cost of your device was on par with your college tuition. Here’s a glimpse into the emptied wallet of a baby-boomer who wanted to journey into personal computing. The ProgramaRead More
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5 Ways IT Pros Can Relate To Football

1. Occasionally there is no explanation to why something worked. We’ve all been there. Whether it was a crazy play call that resulted in a last second score for the win, or perhaps you accidentally stumbled across the solution to your network enigma. It usually results in the same astonished expression Doc had when his DeLorean was a success. 2.Read More
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Behind The Screens: The History Of 10 Common Computer Messages

As of late, Microsoft’s former CEO Steve Ballmer allowed the public to take a deeper look behind the scenes to learn about one of his most notorious blue screen messages. It is one of the many messages that has been accustomed to haunting us in the digital age through various symbols and sounds. Here are 10 interesting stories on theRead More
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8 Famous Software Bugs In Space

When hundreds of millions of dollars are at stake, not to mention human lives on the line, every single line of code needs to be perfect to the last byte. Despite having (seemingly) the best programmers in the world and endless billable hours of QA, here are 8 famous software bugs that ruined enormous missions to space. 1. Mariner 1Read More

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