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The Most Popular IT Certifications and Their Salaries

It’s a simple fact that when IT techs, system admins, and even managers are looking for a pay boost, certifications are the way to play. The 2015 Salary Guide showcases the most popular certification paths as well as their salary jumps. Get your June started right with a vision of your true potential. Certification Mean Salary Median Salary CompTIA $73,963Read More
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The Best IT Salaries By Function

If you’re in IT, odds are you work in one of these five functional areas: IT security, help desk, system operations, systems engineering or network engineering. We’ve spilled the beans on the average salaries of these positions so you can size up your checks against the norm. Within each area we also are showing what the management hierarchy is makingRead More
May 12, 20151

The 4 Big Money Certifications No One Is Talking About

Launched in mid-2013, Amazon Web Service certifications have been new to the cloud training arena, but their average salaries have been on the rise, outshining many other common certifications such as CISSP, PMP, and CISA. Learn a bit more about these four high paying certs and see if adding one to your repertoire can add a couple commas to yourRead More
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6 Reasons Companies Are Dumping Millions Into IT

Being overworked and underpaid is not an unusual characteristic of an IT professional. According to several industry reports, the climate is taking a turn for the better. The 2015 IT market is beyond healthy and is expanding on all fronts. From database managers to cybersecurity teams, there is a strong demand now and into the future. Here are 6 reasonsRead More

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