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Business Development Representative

Want to direct the prospecting and pre-sales efforts of the award-winning Sales Team at StormWind Studios? We’re a leading cloud-based IT training company that sets itself apart with top-notch learning materials, world-class instructors, and studio-quality video production for companies like Land Rover, McDonalds, PetSmart, the U.S. Navy, and way more.

The primary objective of the Account Development Consultant role is to support the Regional Consulting Managers and Directors by providing superior prospect and client information, feedback, and content to aid in achieving the Sales Department’s revenue goals. This is accomplished by calling on key decision makers at Fortune 1000 companies and strategizing the optimum marketing approach for each prospect. This position will directly impact the Sales Team’s revenue flow.

Responsibilities and duties
You’ll lead and organize the efforts of a prospecting and pre-sales team in the delivery of qualified leads and prospect relationships to our Sales Team.

Job requirements

  • Work with the Sales Leadership and Marketing Teams to create, gather, and interpret information on programs to drive and close business
  • Assess quality of leads and compile appropriate feedback for Sales and Marketing Teams
  • Work creatively and independently to create sales and marketing plans that impact the team
  • Be able to talk to anyone at any time (phone or email)
  • Ability to conceptualize marketing deliverables for prospects and clients
  • Have the ability to not just hear what a person is saying, but to actively listen


  • Basic knowledge of sales tactics, procedures, and styles
  • Should be at least a mid-level user level on Microsoft Office
  • Familiar with computer terminology and basic components
  • Knowledge of Sales Databases such as Salesforce, Jigsaw, and LinkedIn a plus

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