Cisco Wireless LAN Essentials Playlist Now Available on YouTube

Have you ever needed to YouTube a quick fix for something around the house and you end up getting a 15 minute video that spends 14 minutes on the history of screwdrivers and 1 minute on the actual fix you needed? This is what we hope to accomplish with our Succinct Held Online Remote Training Sessions or SHORTS.

Why do we need to use the SHORTS acronym for videos that are intended to be short? Because this is Information Technology (IT) and we need to have acronyms for everything (see what I did there?).

Regardless of our attempt to be clever, our SHORTS are intended to accomplish two things:

    1. Get right to the heart of whatever topic you find yourself learning.
    2. Eliminate the need to cover foundational information in higher tier courses.

In the case of our Cisco Wireless LAN Essentials (WLE) SHORTS, our goal is to ensure you have a strong foundation in the “Cisco way” of wireless networking. The reason I use the Dr. Evil finger quotes around the “Cisco way” is because, like any vendor, Cisco has its own way of doing things and we want to make sure we understand the lingo, the acronyms, the equipment, etc.

This “course” is useful for anyone new to the Cisco Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) world and/or those who need a refresher on the basics of Wi-Fi technology. We will discuss basic terms, the various deployment architectures, Cisco product offerings, and design considerations. While this “course” is not necessarily tied to any Cisco certification; however, the information it presents is considered essential (hence the name) for follow-on courses in the Cisco WLAN hierarchy. (All SHORTS can be found here)

Our objectives are as follows:

    • Recognize basic terminology and protocols used for Cisco Wi-Fi technologies
    • Identify the Cisco WLAN architectures appropriate to specific site and use requirements
    • Identify the Cisco WLAN access points, controllers, and network services used in various deployment scenarios
    • Identify the Cisco licensing model and other wireless capable components
    • Identify the Radio Frequency (RF) capabilities of a Cisco WLAN, including Radio Resource Management (RRM), BandSelect, ClientLink, CleanAir, and other key features
    • Identify available security options

Most, if not all, of these topics will be explored in more detail and with actual demonstrations in the higher tier courses here at StormWind Studios. We hope you find the SHORTS to be a valuable part of your learning experience and we plan on releasing more of them…shortly.

-Dan Goodman