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No Travel Expenses

Plane tickets are for vacations.

Keep your team where they are most effective,and train online when the time is right.

2 Hour Sessions. Period.

No pillows necessary.

Power-packed learning sessions so you stay engaged, learn better, and can still make the 4 o’clock meeting.

The Death of Classrooms.

You were right. They were a waste.

Join a community of +100,000 IT professionals.

“I like that I was able to get a full day's worth of content, spread out across multiple days and from the comfort of my office. The content was great and not subpar which is something that I sometimes struggle with online offerings.”

“It was an easy way to take a class and eliminate the travel. It was close to being in the same room with the instructor. Being able to go back and sit through the recording of the actual class is excellent.”

“The live classroom environment is a better way for me to learn material than self-study or on-demand.”

“Two weeks schedule I would consider the brilliant feature. I had an option to reflect on materials and review it. It was not as exhaustive as a traditional class.”

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