C# Foundations


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C# Foundations

This online training course is a high level introduction to C#, a general-purpose, modern and object-oriented programming language pronounced as “C sharp”. It was developed by Microsoft and is among the languages for Common Language Infrastructure. C# is a lot similar to Java syntactically and is easy for users who have knowledge of C, C++ or Java. This C# online training course covers compiling source code, JIT, Visual Studio, .NET, CLI and more!


Bruce Lackore

Course Information

Skills Learned

  • The basics of Visual Studio
  • Create and edit source code
  • Compile source code for use by the JITr
  • Installation and updating of Visual Studio
  • The basics of .NET development
  • Introduction to CLR, CLI, CLS, CTS, JIT, and FCL

Who Should Attend This Course

This online training course is for anyone looking to get a base of C# knowledge and begin their journey into a general-purpose, modern and object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft.

Course Outline

*Course outline is subject to change

Introduction to Visual Studio

  • What is it?
  • Supported programming languages
  • Visual Studio editions
  • Prepping your Visual Studio environment
  • Installation
  • Installation issues
  • Updating and modifying
  • Starting development

An introduction to .NET development options

  • What is the end goal of the development process
  • Supported languages (we don’t want to go here)
  • CLR (Common Language Runtime)
  • FCL (Framework Class Library)
  • .NET application platform


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