HTML Foundations


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HTML Foundations

No technology is more essential to the operation of web pages than HTML. Any web page is driven by three technologies: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. If you are looking to build beautiful web pages that express your vision successfully, this is the class for you. In this course you will learn how to work with Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). You’ll learn how to get the information displaying properly, know how to get your HTML code running on the web server, and understand how the most successful web designers work by getting into the language of web pages.

Taught by front-end web developer and instructor Kevia Cloud, you’ll quickly be ready to get your hands dirty with this essential aspect of web development.


Kevia Cloud

Course Information

Skills Learned

  • Structure of a HTML page
  • <head>, <p>, <spa>, <em>, and <strong> elements
  • Parent and child relationships
  • Tables, forms, and special characters
  • Headers and footers

Who Should Attend This Course

This online training course is for anyone looking to get a base of knowledge and begin their journey into HTML.

Course Outline

Environment setup

  • terminal
  • homebrew
  • node
  • npm
  • parcel.js

What is HTML?

  • HTML overview and introduction

HTML Foundations I

  • structure of a simple HTML page
  • anatomy of an element
  • page title
  • <head> element
  • <p> element
  • <spa> element
  • <em> and <strong> elements
  • parent and child relationship

HTML Foundations II

  • hyperlinks
  • lists
  • images
  • address

HTML Foundations III

  • tables
  • forms
  • HTML special characters

HTML Foundations IV

  • IDs and classes selectors
  • span and div elements
  • header and footer
  • nav, section, article, and aside elements


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