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F5 Networks Instructor

Are you an F5 Networks instructor and have a desire to share what you’ve learned with others (or maybe you just need a side gig)? StormWind Studios has a fun opportunity for you to make money outside of your full-time job. We’ll work around your schedule—you just need to show up and deliver, and we’ll pay you a premium for your expertise. Sound like a win-win? That’s because it is…

Responsibilities and duties
You’ll deliver the most up-to-date, comprehensive, and engaging F5 Networks classes on the planet. Period.


  • Advanced speaking and listening skills…Clients should say, “I love learning from that person!”
  • Expert-level knowledge of F5 Networks
  • Ability to design, customize, and deliver F5 Networks teaching materials and study tools in an engaging, memorable way
  • Ability to communicate complex ideas in a simple way during online presentations
  • Highly organized, creative, and passionate about technology
  • Being a Washington Redskins fan is a plus (VP of Operations is a big fan)

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