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What Every Manager Needs to Know About Project Management in 2018

January 24th, 2018 at 1 pm EST
You may have tried to increase your team's productivity in the past with everything you could think of. Bonuses, treats, carrots on sticks, etc.
In 2018, implement something that has been proved to have a measurable impact.
In Ashley Hunt's newest QuickCast, discover how the updated methodologies and strategies of Project Management will change your department for the better.

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Why You Should Attend this QuickCast

Enjoy live project management training PLUS real-world secrets and shortcuts. Hold the slideshow snoozefest.

Gain insight into changes in the PMBOK curriculum in 2018 and a quick intro into Agile vs Waterfall. A shiz ton of learning in 30 minutes.

Participate in live Q&A with a world-renowned presenter and project management expert!

Check out a snippet from Ashley's last QuickCast and then tune in on January 24th! >>

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