Your Guide to Furthering Your Career

You’ve got an email in your inbox from StormWind, offering a unique digital learning experience and some login credentials.
But what is StormWind?

To help answer those questions, here’s a brief rundown of what StormWind offers you:

StormWind brings a live, Hollywood-HD quality experience to the world of e-learning. Using proprietary technology, we create and deliver interactive online training that is truly personal and engaging. With two-hour online training sessions taught by today’s top IT professionals, you can master your craft and increase your value within your organization, all from the comfort of your preferred device.

How to Get Started:

Watch the orientation video. It’ll give you an in-depth rundown of what to expect.

Then, use the credentials provided in your email to login and setup your account

After that, be sure to enroll in a course (don’t miss out on the live sessions!)
Simple, right? With on-demand access to any of the session recordings, you can tackle your course in bite-sized chunks to optimize your learning based on personal experience.

What are you waiting for? Enroll today and expand your professional skill set.

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