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Regional Consulting Manager

Want to direct the sales efforts of a two-time Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award-winning company? Yeah, we thought so. StormWind Studios is a world-class, online IT training company that differentiates itself from its competitors with truly superior learning materials, expert-level instructors, and Hollywood-style video production (to name just a few things) for companies like Land Rover, McDonalds, PetSmart, the U.S. Navy, and so many more.

The ideal regional consulting manager is an experienced and professional closer, well-versed in the art of transactional selling, using proven selling methodologies and skills. You’ll be extremely proficient in prospecting and relationship-building throughout client organizations.

Responsibilities and duties
You’ll expertly deploy sales and communication techniques to deliver touch points of persuasion, product knowledge, and beauty that surprises your prospect—like a ninja butterfly delivering roundhouse kicks to the chin of ambivalence.

Job requirements

  • Meet or exceed monthly sales goals
  • Assess quality of leads and compile appropriate feedback for Sales and Marketing Teams
  • Work creatively and independently to create sales and marketing plans that impact the team
  • Be able to talk to anyone at any time (phone or email)
  • Be humble enough to continue to learn your sales craft, yet confident enough to showcase your abilities
  • Have the ability to not just hear what a person is saying, but to actively listen


  • Basic knowledge of sales tactics, procedures, and styles
  • Should be at least a mid-level user level on Microsoft Office
  • Familiar with computer terminology and basic components
  • Knowledge of Sales Databases such as Salesforce, Jigsaw, and LinkedIn a plus

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