Regional Consulting Manager

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Regional Consulting Manager

Want to direct the sales efforts of a two-time Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award-winning company? Yeah, we thought so. StormWind Studios is a world-class, online IT training company that differentiates itself from its competitors with truly superior learning materials, expert-level instructors, and Hollywood-style video production (to name just a few things) for companies like Land Rover, McDonalds, PetSmart, the U.S. Navy, and so many more.

The ideal regional consulting manager is an experienced and professional closer, well-versed in the art of transactional selling, using proven selling methodologies and skills. You’ll be extremely proficient in prospecting and relationship-building throughout client organizations.

Responsibilities and duties
You’ll expertly deploy sales and communication techniques to deliver touch points of persuasion, product knowledge, and beauty that surprises your prospect—like a ninja butterfly delivering roundhouse kicks to the chin of ambivalence.

Job requirements

  • Meet or exceed monthly sales goals
  • Assess quality of leads and compile appropriate feedback for Sales and Marketing Teams
  • Work creatively and independently to create sales and marketing plans that impact the team
  • Be able to talk to anyone at any time (phone or email)
  • Be humble enough to continue to learn your sales craft, yet confident enough to showcase your abilities
  • Have the ability to not just hear what a person is saying, but to actively listen


  • Basic knowledge of sales tactics, procedures, and styles
  • Should be at least a mid-level user level on Microsoft Office
  • Familiar with computer terminology and basic components
  • Knowledge of Sales Databases such as Salesforce, Jigsaw, and LinkedIn a plus

Online Submission

Why Stormwind?


StormWind Team Member Testimonials

“It is with tremendous pride and gratitude that I’m able to share my work week with StormWind Studios. I’m surrounded by people who continually encourage others to do their BEST. Most importantly, as a company, we never stop learning and sharing ways in which to do so. It’s very nice to not only be encouraged to perform professionally but outside of work as well (wellness challenges, motivational reading, and more). I look forward to continued growth for StormWind.”

Kira Clifford

“From the moment that I stepped into StormWind, I knew it was going to be my home of knowledge and wealth. Our constructive culture gives me the ability to attain any goal that I have in sight. All I can say is that my initial judgment was right, and I wake up every morning thankful to be in my position and learn something new every day.”

Zach Rahn

“What’s really important is the culture that StormWind provides. It’s a hard-working place that knows how to have fun in the process. What sets StormWind apart is their interest in your personal growth, as well. They are always recommending new books or podcasts that help you grow. The CEO is always visible and I think his energy sets the tone for the rest of the company. And they FEED YOU!”

Jeremy Morris

“What makes StormWind different than others is our company culture. StormWind highlights our strengths and constantly invests in learning how each one of us works best. They encourage each one of us to reach our personal goals, be creative, and maintain an open mind. What I love most is the leadership team. The managers function as coaches. Their main job is to encourage every employee to set their own goals and objectives, and to motivate them to reach it. I enjoy coming into work every day and working side by side with them.”

Rosette Abud

“The culture and upbeat environment is what makes StormWind stick out among “the others.” StormWind has a good mix of motivated, successful, and fun people from all different backgrounds. What I love most about StormWind is the different career paths you can take and be successful in all of them. I come to work every day because of the great people that surround me and my eagerness to succeed and get better.”

Morgan Ruschmeyer