What Is StormWind Epic Live©?

Cert training PLUS real world secrets and shortcuts.

Traditional Bootcamps and E-Learning Are Officially Dead.

Usually IT training comes in the form of a bootcamp or online slideshows in which real world knowledge is….scarce. Teaching by the book just won’t help you.

Epic Live© focuses strictly on tips, techniques, and gotchas that help you become a master of your craft.

Need labs? We’ve got ‘em for you.

Learning directly from an instructor is important, but it’s only a piece of the pie. Other vendors deny you labs, or drain your pockets to access them. At StormWind, you get labs with every class, and not just Play-Skool servers either.

Experience the latest hardware and software in a protected sandbox environment, ready for you to get your hands as dirty as you want.

Dedicated StormWind Instructors Who Literally Wrote the Book.

Learn from the best of the best. We’re talking multiple Cisco Excellence award winners, a 4-time Microsoft MVP, published authors, the Navy’s Instructor of the Year, and behind-the-scenes individuals that we can’t even mention…but we don’t like to brag.

Not convinced? Hear what a Cisco admin says about Epic Live©.

It’s Time To Experience Epic Live© Training.

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Two Hour Segments

Work and Train.


Quarter of the Cost

Budget friendly. Built for teams.


Half of the Time

No flights. No hotels. Just training.