Why Your .NET Framework Installation for Windows Server 2016 Failed

Why Your .NET Installation for Windows 2016 Failed

Trying to install the .NET Framework for your Windows Server and it keeps failing? Doug Bassett has a solution for you!

This is a common problem with a lot of discussion forums dedicated to solving each instance. Countless solutions for a variety of problems and frankly, ain’t nobody got time fo’ that. Don’t spend your day Googling, watch the tutorial below.

Why does my .NET Installation keep failing? But first, why would you need to install the .NET Framework to begin with?

Although some Microsoft Windows products come with the .NET Framework installed by default, sometimes you’ll encounter an error message when downloading software on a new device. Any software that is developed with .NET will need the .NET Framework in place in order to run.

Many IT pros use the subset of managed types from .NET Framework to create Windows Store apps for Windows with the use of C# or Visual Basic. Because of that, you will want to know how to install the .NET Framework easily.

Pro Tip: .NET is not an acronym and should be pronounced phonetically like “dot-net.” This term is so integrated into Windows platforms, job postings can simply ask for a “.NET developer” when referring to a Microsoft programmer. Yet, there are multiple versions of the .NET Framework like .NET 3.5 or .NET 4.0.

So you know you should be installing the .NET Framework, but what do you when the installation fails?

To save you time, we’ve put together a tutorial to fix the most likely reason your .NET Framework installation might have failed. Watch StormWind’s Senior Technical Instructor, Doug Bassett‘s, video: “Why Your .NET Installation for Windows Server 2016 Failed.”

At its core, the .NET Framework is “an integral Windows component that supports building and running the next generation of applications and web services.” We at StormWind like to call it: “the way to access some cool, free stuff.”

With the .NET installation, you can access a free Windows product called, “Server Compliance Manager.” This free product shows all of the baselines of how your group policies should be set for different types of servers and services. You can also analyze your server configuration to what Microsoft recommends for a configuration and make the necessary changes. We discuss more about the Server Compliance Manager during our Microsoft training courses.

About the Instructor:

Doug brings over thirty years of experience in consulting, operations, network design and instruction, serving small office/home offices as well as global enterprises. As a technical instructor, Doug’s high energy, infectious enthusiasm and unmatched passion for training and “all things gizmo” leave students energized, excited and driven to devour complex technology and innovation. Known for getting the audience to do “the wave” at events, Doug was a featured speaker at Microsoft TechEd in Barcelona Spain on Virtual classroom training and has presented numerous times at Fortune 100 corporations like Microsoft and Apple. Wanna join his next class? Learn more here. 

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