Cisco Wireless LAN Essentials


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Cisco Wireless LAN Essentials

This instructor-led online training Cisco Wireless LAN Essentials course defines Wi-Fi, discussing IEEE standards and protocols. Students will learn about autonomous, centralized (unified), FlexConnect, and Converged Access architectures and the various component models (access points, wireless LAN controllers, management systems, policy integration, and mobility services engine). Students will get an overview of the key features that Cisco offers, and how those features solve user and business problems.


Dan Goodman, Linux+, Network+, Security+

Course Information

Skills Learned

Students will learn to:

  • Recognize basic terminology and protocols used for Cisco Wi-Fi technologies
  • Identify the Cisco wireless LAN architectures appropriate to specific site and use
  • Identify the Cisco wireless LAN access points, controllers, and network services used in
    various deployment scenarios
  • Identify the Cisco licensing model and other wireless capable components
  • Identify the RF capabilities of a Cisco wireless LAN, including RRM, BandSelect, ClientLink,
    and CleanAir, and other key features
  • Identify security options available

Who Should Attend This Course

This course is for any student who is new to or would like to build a base of knowledge about Cisco wireless LANs.


None, but we highly recommend that students have a knowledge of basic networking principles.

Course Outline

  • Course Introduction
  • General Networking Terms and the Basics of Wi-Fi
  • Cisco Wireless LAN Architectures
  • Cisco Wireless LAN Access Points
  • Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers and Network Services
  • Cisco Licensing and Other Wireless Capable Components
  • Cisco Wireless RF Fundamentals
  • Cisco Wireless LAN Features
  • Cisco Wireless LAN Security


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