Why Over 100,000 Techs Believe In StormWind

“I love the venue. I have used KnowledgeNet, SkillSoft, and NetG and others in the past. This venue is by far the best.”

- Darryl H

“This was a fantastic experience for me and I look forward to many more sessions with Desiree. She’s brilliant! She’s very responsive and sensitive to the needs of all the students.”

- James B.
Alta Devices

“Doug, is very energetic, and really knows the material.  If someone doesn’t understand something; he doesn’t just repeat it.  He explains it another way so that you can understand it.”

- Bryan C.
Interpower Corp.

“The course was excellent. Ryan was great at breaking down heavy concepts into real-world application. I would definitely recommend this style of learning!”

- David M.
IT Director, Insight

“StormWind stands behind their word and representation. I completely respect this company of quality and ethical standing!”

-Thao Vuong
Director of IT

“The instructors are impressive. Usually instructors read the slide notes, StormWind’s actually give detailed explanations from world experience.”

- Jack M.
IT Manager

“I’ve used many methods of training over the last 15 years from onsite campus environments to do it yourself online sites and everything in between and Stormwind by far has been, most convenient and best bang for your buck.”

- Michael R. Nault
IT Manager

“Signing up for Stormwind is one of the best education decisions I’ve made and I strongly recommend them to anyone interested in studying IT.”

- Jon Lincoln
IT Coordinator

“It has made a sizable impact with our company, our offerings to our client base, and my personal career.  I am looking forward to this new position with my employer in San Antonio, thanks to StormWind.”

- Mike Lind
IT Manager

“One of the coolest parts about this course (CEH) was that lectures were recorded daily, so you could make up any missed time without a lot of headache or heartache. I just took the Certified Ethical Hacker test, and  I passed on the first try.”

- Dave Cork
IT, 20 years

“I took StormWind classes and labs- absolutely OUTSTANDING! I did those just prior to going for my certification exam and passed it with a 923 out of 1000.”

- Ron Marx
IT Manager, Pepsi

“The classes were so good that it almost felt like a live setting. This was without question the best online training course we have ever attended.”

- Bob Schuster
Networks of Florida

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