3 Critical Steps to Stop Ransomware Like WannaCry and Petya Today

3 Critical Steps to Stop Petya Ransomware

We are under attack.

As news breaks around the world about Petya, the newest ransomware attack, we’ve put together a 3-minute video to arm IT professionals against it. Doug Bassett, StormWind’s Senior Technical Instructor, has outlined 3 steps to make sure your systems can be protected from cybersecurity threats like this.


As of this morning, Petya ransomware has attacked companies throughout Europe. Airports, government departments, and banks in these areas have been affected. But it doesn’t stop there, Merck, a pharmaceutical giant in the United States, has been shut down due to the Petya ransomware. Over 2,000 organizations have been infected.

This comes on the heels of another cybersecurity threat, WannaCry ransomware, that affected over 150 countries. Even large firms with supposedly cutting-edge IT departments were incapacitated. Thomas Fox-Brewster from Forbes brought up something even more nefarious than WannaCry about Petya, also known as NotPetya. According to this Forbes article, Petya seems to have been created by a professional group.

“Jakub Kroustek, Threat Lab Team lead at Avast, said: “One of the perfidious characteristics of Petya ransomware is that its creators offer it on the darknet with an affiliate model which gives distributors a share of up to 85% of the paid ransom amount, while 15% is kept by the malware authors.” This kind of “ransomware-as-a-service” has been a growing concern of late, given it opens up the crime to a non-technical audience.” (Quote from Forbes Article)

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About the Instructor:

Doug brings over thirty years of experience in consulting, operations, network design and instruction, serving small office/home offices as well as global enterprises. As a technical instructor, Doug’s high energy, infectious enthusiasm and unmatched passion for training and “all things gizmo” leave students energized, excited and driven to devour complex technology and innovation. Known for getting the audience to do “the wave” at events, Doug was a featured speaker at Microsoft TechEd in Barcelona Spain on Virtual classroom training and has presented numerous times at Fortune 100 corporations like Microsoft and Apple. Wanna join his next class? Learn more here. 

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