3 Ways to Improve Marketability as a PM Professional

3 ways to improve marketability with the pmi-acp certification

So you might have heard the rumor- and it’s true! Over time Project Management methodologies have had to adapt from the “Industrial Age” and enter the “Technology Age”. The whole reason PMI created the PMI-ACP Cert in the first place is because they want to meet the current goals of project managers and support all types of Project Management best practices. Having the skill set of Agile Project Management is considered to be one of the top five hottest skills right now in Project Management. In this week’s vblog, let Ashley Hunt tell you why the Project Management Institute Agile Certified Practitioner Certification Exam is as good for your marketability as it is a mouthful.

What is PMI-ACP?

agile methodolgy umbrella

“Agile” is more of an umbrella statement over things like scrum, Windows XP, Lean, Kanban and/or feature driven development. So really, there a lot of different methodologies, frameworks, and best practices that fall under this header. Well PMI can’t pick only one to claim as “the best” so they put all of the best practices together in one exam. This being said, the exam will test you on best practices found in multiple agile environments. This is good! We want to have knowledge across multiple frameworks!

Why Certification is Important

get certified

Getting a certification use to be a symbol of understanding content and best practices. Today, it goes above and beyond that. Now, it’s having the ability to be able to shift from multiple modalities and different frameworks (aka being “agile”) and tailor that approach in order to produce the right thing correctly. The combo approach between waterfall and agile tailoring is the next big thing. It’s more necessary across all industries globally and not just for software! There is a greater need for multiple modalities on unique project specs.

The Next Big Thing

The combo approach between waterfall and agile tailoring is the next big thing. It’s more necessary across all industries globally. There is a greater need for multiple modalities based on unique project specs. Currently, there are only 8,000+ PMI-ACP Certified Agile practitioners in the world. If you jump on this now, you will not only be ahead of the curve, but you’ll also be ahead of the need! If you already have your PMP cert, and then get your ACP, you basically have the most popular non-technical certifications in the world. By receiving this certification you have proof that you seek the ability to tailor approach your project needs. Overall, this will save your organization time and money.

3 Ways to Improve your Marketability w the PMI-ACP Certification

  1. Proof you understand multiple modalities and frameworks including Scrum, XP, Lean Kanban
  2. Proof you seek the ability to tailor your approach to your project’s needs saving your organization time and money
  3. Currently, there are only 8000+ PMI-ACP certified practitioners in the world- you’ll be ahead of the need!

Want more Ashley? Join her PMP QuickCast on January 4th and let her help you become a more efficient IT team with agile methodology. Increase your efficiency in less than an hour!

Head to pmi.org and check out the ACP or Agile Certified Practitioner exam requirements and if it’s something you’re up for, let us know! StormWind has an exam prep class, not just for Agile but also PMP! Let’s get started, together.