5 Cybersecurity TED Talks You’ll Regret Missing

Thanks to a long weekend celebrating the independence of our beloved country we had a few hours to pull together some of the top cyber-security content, via TED Talks, on the web for your viewing pleasure. Although some of these may be from a few years back and others more recently produced they all tackle various security challenges that remain relevant in this age of technology. One things for sure, if you watch just one of these short videos you’ll know more than 80% of the population about this vital topic.

1. TED Talk: Hackers: The internet’s immune system.
Speaker: Keren Elazari
Time: 16:39
Keren Elazari is a Cybersecurity expert who explains by exploiting software vulnerabilities how hackers actually force the network world to evolve and improve. Watch her implore that our Internet becomes stronger and more proactive.

2. TED Talk: All your devices can be hacked.
Speaker: Avi Rubin
Time: 16:56
In this talk, expert Avi Rubin shows not only that hackers are compromising phones, cars, and medical devices, but highlights the risks in a more connected network as we move to the Internet of Things (IoT).

3. TED Talks: Governments don’t understand cyber warfare. We need hackers.
Speaker: Rodrigo Bijou
Time: 9:28
Rodrigo Bijou, a security analyst, argues that it’s time for the government to end the mass online surveillance and for the entire population as a whole to unite and help secure the internet. This compelling talk on cyber warfare could send some bone-shivering perspective down your spine.

4. TED Talk: What’s wrong with your P@$$w0rd?
Speaker: Lorrie Faith Cranor
Time: 17:42
Lorrie Faith Cranor has most likely studied more about passwords that the majority of our nation’s population. With her compelling research she is able to point out some of the most fatal mistakes nearly every user makes when it comes to creating their passwords along with the techniques used to crack them. After watching this TED Talk your passwords will never be the same.

5. TED Talk: The 1s and 0s behind cyber warfare.
Speaker: Chris Domas
Time: 16:45
Chris Domas is a security researcher whose expertise has given him the skills and understanding to manipulate electronic devices. In this talk, Domas explains the ability to use pattern recognition to reverse engineer software in order to exploit devices. This eye-opening talk will help decode the ins and outs of cyber warfare.

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