5 Tools for Getting Ready for Your CCNA Certification Exam

Are you ready to showcase your networking knowledge by taking the CCNA exam? Great! But what next? You’ve already researched what content is tested and made the decision to take the exam, the next step is to create an action plan. Like planning for any goal, there are key tools that will assist you in becoming successful in your study endeavors. Here are some tools you should have while beginning your CCNA cert journey.

  • Create a solid plan and stick to it.
    • Creating a study schedule is arguably the most important tool to quantify your success, week by week. Grab a study buddy or accountability partner, write down a study schedule, and choose a date for when you will take the exam. Each week set a different milestone you need to achieve in order to stay on track. As they say, a goal without a plan is merely a wish.
  • Access to immersive content.
    • To support your study plan you will need access to comprehensive content that will align to the knowledge needed for the CCNA exam. Having content that is easily available and organized will increase your chances of studying, but also will increase your chances of passing the exam.
  • Access to an expert instructor.
    • Enrolling in a CCNA course will guide you through the study process, and better yet, provide an expert instructor to answer your questions on-demand, setting you up for success. Instructors have been through the study process and can give you constructive tips for taking the exam. The CCNA exam is challenging, the more study tricks gained from an expert instructor, the better.
  • Access to a practice environment.
    • Putting theory to practice is the best way to ensure you understand the CCNA content. Another benefit of enrolling into a CCNA course is the embedded practice environments within the curriculum, allowing you the hands-on experience needed for the CCNA cert.
  • Take several practice exams.
    • Once you have a plan, access to solid content and an amazing instructor, with a highly-advanced practice environment – it will be time to take a practice exam. Taking a practice exam several times throughout your study plan is a good idea, that way, you can note the progress you make, and then observe areas in need of your focus during your allotted study time.

Fortune favors those that prepare, take these tools, and apply them to when you begin studying to become CCNA certified. For more information about the CCNA course offered at StormWind Studios, check out our website at https://stormwindstudios.com/cisco/. Happy studying!