5 Ways IT Pros Can Relate To Football

1. Occasionally there is no explanation to why something worked.

We’ve all been there. Whether it was a crazy play call that resulted in a last second score for the win, or perhaps you accidentally stumbled across the solution to your network enigma.
It usually results in the same astonished expression Doc had when his DeLorean was a success.

2. The taste of sweet sweet victory.

Like clockwork, every other day at 1:15PM someone manages to crash their computer without properly backing up their files. Because you’re awesome at what you do, you find the files and reboot their device in no time. This deserves the equivalent touchdown dance, so close your door and bust out that Database Shuffle.

3. Fury, oh the fury.

The outright anger that burns inside of football fanatics after their team loses can result in hat throwing, deep silence, or the breaking of one’s own hand on a countertop.
Dear football fans, if you want to see proper outrage, just witness an IT professional after a VOIP crash on Monday morning.

4. The only way to communicate is code.

Majority of the ways that both of these professions speak while at work is through a series of covert communication. Whether it’s a hail mary to the end-zone or generating a storm with ping -b -f , those in the know, know the code.

5. We’ve done some weird things.

There can be quite the chasm that separates football stars and IT professionals. One thing is for certain, if you’re not weird, then you’re weird. Chances are someone else has seen it happen too.

Spock didn’t care. Neither do we. Have an awesome week.