8 Nerdy Father’s Day Gifts We Hope You Received

So what Father’s Day was yesterday, it’s never too late to get the Dad in your life something special. We scoured the Internets and found these 8 gifts to be worthy of a gift to the big guy.


3Doodler 3D Printing Pen 2.0

Don’t try using this after seven cups of coffee. This 3D printer fits in the palm of your hand and comes with 50 strands of printing plastic, a mini screwdriver and spanner, and a specially designed unblocking tool to fix any clogged nozzles. Make toys for the kids, paperweights, or things that resemble food (don’t eat plastic fake food).

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Solarbotics Perpetual Motion Marble Kit

This mesmerizing little gizmo runs strictly on solar power (we’ve got a few years left of it) and the motion of the marble. Spend the hour putting this together and you’ll have a cool simple machine that runs for….hours. Real tinkerers only.

Must Have

Discovery RC Quadcopter with HD Camera

Are you tired of hearing about drones? Once you fly this Quadcopter you’ll never stop hearing the buzz of blades through the neighborhood. Equipped with a 720p camera and micro-SD card, you’ll be disrupting airspace in no time.

Need This

Gunnar MLG Phantom Gaming Glasses

If you’ve stared at screens as long as we’ve had, you know someone that will appreciate these. Designed to reduce eyestrain related to computer use, these glasses allow you to keep your eyes focused while gaming working late into the night. The amber lens tint will actually improve contrast so you can catch the enemy typos even quicker than before.

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Circuit Board Necktie

This is the motherboard of all ties. Simple, elegant, connective, and just plain ol’ awesome. Think that you’re techy? You probably need about three of these.

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Darth Vader Briefcase

The details…oh the details. Embossed with Vader’s helmet on the front, a patterned flap matching the Vader’s armor, and a handle made in the shape of Vader’s lightsaber hilt, this makes the dark side look even darker and dapper.

Use The Force

Binary Dad Shirt

First off, if you don’t know what this shirt says, please jump into your command line and FORMAT C. Make your dad proud to be a nerd with the coolest nametag shirt east of Windows NT.

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Retro Flip Down Clock

Turn your living room or office space into an analog masterpiece. Sure this clock is as loud as you would think it is, but the flip action will have you literally stuck in time.

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BONUS – Free Call Of I.T. Shirt

Want this shirt for free for Dad? Talk with us about how you train and we’ll send you one out!

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