Are You Doing Risk Assessments As Often As You Should? Probably Not.

Are You Doing Risk Assessments As Often As You Should- Probably Not.

Over 14 Million Verizon customer records were left exposed due to poor security checks. For weeks, customer names, account information, and cell phone numbers were left unsecured on an Amazon server. The server was controlled by Nice Systems, an Israeli technology company, which has 85 of the Fortune 100 as customers. Anyone who knew where to look could have downloaded them without any problems.

Verizon has assured customers that the “overwhelming majority of information in the data set has no external value” and that there was no indication that the data was compromised. While your information may not be housed on an unsecured AWS server, (we hope not!) are you doing security risk assessment often enough?

In our new vlog, Mike Vasquez, Senior Microsoft Instructor, details when you should be doing security assessments. Are you doing security assessments after every product upgrade? Find out more by watching this video:


Cybersecurity and cyber threats are very real and taking the necessary steps to protect your systems is critical. The first step, don’t house your customer data on an unsecured server.

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About the Instructor:

Mike Vasquez, Senior Technical Instructor, has almost 30 years of experience in IT management, cybersecurity, and in almost every vendor vertical. He has tactical experience with red team testing for Fortune 500 companies and personally discovered security vulnerability CVE-2008-0662. He currently teaches multiple StormWind courses, including the CISSP cert courses, and is developing 2 others. Mike Vasquez was also officially selected as an author for ISC’s next CISSP CBK coming out in 2018. Wanna join his next class? Learn more here.

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