Day #5 of our Network Defender Challenge

It’s the final day of the challenge and we are already getting some fantastic feedback from participants about when we will be running this event again! We are hoping very soon with some additional challenges and videos from Mike Vasquez. Big thank you to all of our participants and a reminder to them to finish ALL their tasks by Midnight TONIGHT to be entered to win prizes!

Here’s some of their feedback about the event:

“The time it took to complete each challenge was appropriate. It did not take a long time to quickly see results and how we could use the useful information to secure our network.”

“The use of real-world scenarios in a fun, engaging format. It was a blast. Co-workers even found it ‘cool’ “

“I hope that you have another one of these in the future and you add more.”

“It was a perfect amount of time in my opinion… thanks for the challenge!”

Missed you this time? We’d love to have you participate next time for more chances to win prizes and to become a StormWind Network Defender!

For those in the challenge or thinking of joining it next time, here is Mike Vasquez with Day 5 of StormWind’s Network Defender 5-Day Challenge.



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– Perform reconnaissance on your own network

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– Identify tools to arm yourself as a Network Defender

This Challenge is for you if:

– You are an administrator who’s charged with protecting a network

– You are a manager in charge of an IT team who’s responsible for network security

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