From the Mind of a Hacker + Day #2 of our Network Defender Challenge

Welcome to Day #2

This week the Economic Times ran a fascinating editorial about the mind and behaviors of a hacker referred to as Alok. He has three years experience with a hacker collective on the dark web. He’s secretly wealthy due to the theft and fraud he’s committed as a hacking foot soldier that he can’t share with those close to him.

The reason he cites for becoming a black hat hacker is validation and a need for the thrill and power that comes from it. Finding a vulnerability and figuring out a way to exploit it, gives this hacker his need for an adrenalin rush and validation that he’s good enough to run with “the gang.” For some, the money and wealth becomes secondary.

If you had the chance to interview a hacker, what would you want to know?

While we can’t provide a real-life hacker to interview, our participants in today’s Network Defender Challenge are fortifying their systems against one.

Welcome to Day #2 of our Network Defender Challenge! Today’s task for Admins involves running scans to look for vulnerabilities and the Manager Track involves taking a hard look at your current Change Management Processes. For current participants in the challenge, what did you think of the second task? Anything you found interesting in your scans or as you analyzed your current documentation?

Missed you this time? We’d love to have you participate next time for more chances to win prizes and to become a StormWind Network Defender!

For those in the challenge or thinking of joining it next time, here is Mike Vasquez with Day 2 of StormWind’s Network Defender 5-Day Challenge.



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