PMBOK© Guide 6th Edition Release Date Announced – 6 Things You Need to Know


As of today, the newest Project Management Body of Knowledge Guide© (PMBOK© Guide 6) will be released on September 6th, 2017. This is breaking news in the PM and IT industry since these the last edition was released in 2012 and any changes will affect 2018 students looking to take their PMP© certification. According to the Project Management Institute, “The PMBOK© Guide reflects evolving knowledge within the profession and is the leading global standard for project management. It addresses the processes that project management experts agree are necessary for most projects in most environments.” Ashley Hunt, Senior Project Management Instructor at StormWind Studios, has put together a new vBlog just for this announcement! Watch her video below for an instructor’s thoughts on the PMBOK© 6th Edition hitting the shelves in less than a month. (She has already pre ordered and priority shipped her copy!)


Here are 6 things you need to know about PMBOK© Guide

1. The Project Management Certification was ranked within the top 10 highest paying IT certifications for 2017 and 2016. Non-certified project managers have a MAXIMUM salary expectation of $91,000 compared with IT professionals with a PMP© certification that have a MINIMUM salary expectation of $116,000.  The PMI© has taken into account current PM role functions and ensured that what is on the exam (and in the new PMBOK© 6) will better align with the needs of today’s project managers. If you were looking for a time to take your PMP©, many experts are suggesting taking your exam before the next exam version drops. The new PMP© Certification exam will go into effect after the first part of 2018. However, taking your exam later in 2018 will include the most up-to-date information, albeit a little information to cover.

2. The most notable change to the PMBOK© Guide is the addition of more Agile methodology within the guide itself. Topics such as lean management, Scrum, and Agile have made their way into PMP© education. Also, PMI© will be releasing a separate practice guide specifically for Agile in addition to the PMBOK© Guide. Ashley Hunt has been discussing Agile along with PM in multiple webcasts and vBlog’s recently to prep students for this change.

3. The PMBOK 6 has new names for different knowledge areas. For example, Time Management will now be referred to as Schedule Management, Human Resource Management will be transitioned to Resource Management and the PMBOK© 6, in general, will move away from the word control and move towards monitor. These changes reflect changes in how some PM principles are viewed and understood. I.e. Humans and staffing requirements aren’t the only resources that could or should be managed by a PM professional.

4. Compared to the PMBOK© Guide 5th Edition, the PMBOK© Guide 6th Edition has an extra 2 processes to cover (47 processes in the 5th Edition and 49 processes in the 6th Edition). Close Procurement was removed and 3 new processes have been added: Manage Project Knowledge, Implement Risk Response, and Control Resources.The PMBOK© 6 will affect both the CAPM© and PMP© certifications. While the PMP© exam will focus on practical applications of its precepts, the CAPM© will test on many of the concepts.

5. The PMBOK© 6 will affect both the CAPM© and PMP© certifications. While the PMP© exam will focus on more practical application of its precepts, the CAPM© exam will cover these topics as well. For those already certified, you will want to read up on the newest guide to stay current and prepared for any PMP© renewal requirements.

6. A new chapter has been added to address “the skillsets organizations demand form project managers – technical, leadership, strategic and business management” referred to as the PMI Talent Triangle©.

BONUS: All StormWind Studios project management courses will be updated to accommodate any and all new information that is gathered from the PMBOK© 6. Ashley Hunt has been on top of the latest changes and has been preparing her students for the change.

We will continue to update our posts with new information as it comes! Wake us up when August ends so that it’ll be time for the PMBOK© Guide!


How PM, IT and Agile Go Together:

Ashley recently put together a full webcast about Agile methodology for IT professionals. The response from the webcast has been overwhelming:

“Ashley was fantastic. I could have listened to her all day, I have never experienced someone so passionate.”

“Much more substance than I thought would be. Very impressed with Ashley and her ability to flow, connect and interact with the group so quickly.”

“I thought Ashley did a fantastic job.  She kept it going, good interaction from the participants.  The material she covered I felt she believed in and understood and made it interesting for a person like myself who finds it hard to sit through a webinar, even though I do them for the company I work for.”

“I enjoyed the course. Ashley is a dynamic instructor with great communication skills. I find her to be an engaging, helpful, friendly, and attentive instructor. I intend on looking more into the Kanban board and implementing it in my own work habits.”

Download this free webcast to begin preparing for the PMBOK© changes that are about to drop in September! May the PMBOK© be ever in your favor.

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Transcript from video:

Hey, guys! I just kicked off my PMP© class for the month, the exam prep, and a lot of questions are coming in now from people who have heard through the grapevine that there is a new PMBOK© Guide coming out, Project Management Body of Knowledge©, sixth edition, or PMBOK© 6.

Yes, all of the rumors are true. The PMBOK© Guide is coming out approximately about Q3 this year is what they are assuming, and the exam is slated to change January 2018. If you’re in the midst of studying or coming to class right now, you’re totally fine. You’re not going to wait until January to take your exam, so you’re perfectly well within the time limit. Don’t get nervous about that. When it does come out, it’ll come out first, and then the exam will change several months later. There’s plenty of time to make sure that you’re studying the right material and that you’re able to get into your exam date of choice.

Another rumor that’s been flying around is that the PMBOK© 6 is incorporating aspects of project tailoring and agile, and all of those rumors would be true as well. In fact, Comptia Project+ has some agile information in it. It’s in the last chapter, but it is part of that whole project tailoring, whereas PMBOK© 6 will take a harder look at different agile methodologies and how sometimes it’s appropriate to take a waterfall-esque PMP© type project and incorporate some of those agile methodologies to make the best practices work for whatever types of projects that you’re working on.

I’m here to tell you that all of the rumors are true. There’s a much bigger push to incorporate agile and waterfall type of projects together in some kind of hybrid or to make the determination prior to project charter waterfall situation, even agile situation, have that project charter really define how the project is going to be managed, and should we utilize some of these best practices from both the waterfall point of view to an agile point of view?

I just want to let you know that all of the rumors are true. If you’re planning on taking your PMP© this year, it’s all going to be PMBOK© 5, so you’re good to go. You don’t have to worry. When the new PMBOK© Guide comes out, everybody will know about it, and you’ll be very well prepared. If you’re jumping in to take your PMP© sometime later this year or early fall, something like that, yeah. You don’t have to worry. You’ll still have plenty of time before the changes occur.