How to keep your credit cards safe

How to keep your credit cards safe

In today’s day and age, everyone wants technology to make our lives easy. But the real question is that also putting us in danger? Well the answer could be “Yes”. Let’s take a look at one of the newest and easiest ways for us to pay for things while at the cash register; credit card tapping. We have all seen the new credit cards that allow us to just tap the credit card against the reader and then walk away. But this simple technology can put you at risk.

During the last holiday season, I know of two people who had their credit card data stolen because of this technology. How? Well it is much easier than you think. Anyone can go online and buy a credit card scanner that will pick up the chips on these credit cards and automatically record all of your credit card data in seconds. There are many website that sell this type of equipment and it is very easy for thieves to setup and use. So how do they do it?

Many of these devices are small enough to fit into a purse or backpack. Then the criminals just go to the mall and window shop. They don’t need to talk to you or even buy anything. All they need to do is stand close enough to you to catch the signal. While they are walking around and looking at merchandise, they are stealing credit card information with anyone who comes in range of the scanning device. Now, they just go home, download the credit card scanner information and starting buying anything they want on your credit.

So is there a way to help protect yourself from these technology criminals? Yes and it will only run you between $6.00 to $50.00 dollars depending on how nice you want your wallet or purse to be. sells RFID protected wallets starting at around $6.00 dollars. These wallets or credit card protecting sleeves stop the RFID chip from sending a signal while in your pocket.

Now when that credit card stealing criminal stands next to you in the store, they will not be able to steal your credit card information. Now you get the best of both worlds. You get to use the latest and greatest credit card technology and you also get the peace of mind in knowing that your credit card data is safe and secure while in your possession. The nice thing about these wallets and purses is that they look just like normal wallets and purses, but they come with protection.

It’s OK to enjoy the new technology that is out there. But always remember, with great technology comes great responsibility. Criminals are always trying to discover new ways to steal your money and your identity. Protecting yourself and your family only takes a few dollars but the peace of mind you get is priceless.