StormWind’s 2017 Tech Gift Guide to the Holidays

present under the christmas tree

present under the christmas tree

Wondering what to buy the tech-obsessed people in your life? Look no further! The following suggestions are unique tech-related gift ideas fit to every personality.

Tech Holiday Gift Guide: 2017

1. Philips Somneo Sleep Therapy

philips somneo sunrise wake up sleep therapy and alarm

For the sleep deprived IT nerd in your life. This bedside light helps calm the body and mind come sleepy-time. The light replicates the sun rising and setting to assist people to wake up naturally. Staying up past 2am working on server malfunctions tends to set people off schedule and can affect health and mood. This holiday season, give the gift of some solid Z’s.


Amazon price: $179.95

2. Flybrix

Know a techy kid in your life who loves drones and building? Kill two birds with one stone with this crashable and rebuildable Lego-based drone. Let your kids explore engineering, construction, and what it takes to build a stable aircraft. Then- the best part- blow it to smithereens and do it all over again!


Amazon price: $209.00

3. Groove


Worried about your teen driver or spouse? Or maybe you’re not so responsible behind the wheel either? Let’s face it, we all have the temptation to text while driving. Groove is a module that plugs into a socket under the car’s steering wheel. Once you plug it in, Groove can identify the driver of the car (once it’s moving at 5 miles an hour) and disable text messaging. You can still call with your phone, but if someone send you or your teen a text, that person will receive a reply alerting them that this person is driving and that they’ll be forwarded the text once they’ve reached their destination. Good for all vehicles 1996 and newer.


retail price: $100 with $10/month service plus $30/month for the phone service plan from Ready Mobile.

4. Furbo


For the pet owners! The Furbo camera allows you to keep an eye on your furry friend while you’re away. But wait there’s more! You can hear your pet through the live microphone and even talk to it through the speaker! If your grandma goes through Mr. Wiggles withdrawals while she’s at Bingo- this is the gift for her. You can even have the Furbo toss treats to your pup! Who’s a good boy?!


Amazon price: $169.00

5. LumiSign

lumiSign license plate happy halloween

LumiSign is a battery-operated wireless license plate frame lighting system for car enthusiasts. Put it around your rear or front license place send a message to other drivers on the road like “Baby on Board!” “In God we Trust” or even your favorite team “Go Big Red Corn Huskers!”. At night it will illuminate to make you stand out on the road in your own, unique way.


Amazon price: $39.59-$59.99

6. AirSelfie


For the selfie-taker in your life (everyone knows that one person that takes waaaay too many selfies). This pocket-sized camera is also a video drone. It weighs a wopping 2 ounces and has a 5-megapixel camera with 4 GB SD memory card. The perfect stocking stuffer for the photo enthusiast!


Amazon price: $290.15

7. Pixie


Never loose your wallet, keys, glasses, TV remote etc. again! This item tracker uses augmented reality and an iOS device to literally show you the exact location of- let’s say- “misplaced” items *cue my mother shouting- “I didn’t lose them, I just misplaced them. They’re in this house somewhere!*. Simply attach these little guys called Pixie Points to whatever item you want to be able to track and then when you lose it-excuse me, misplace it-, jump on your smart phone and it’s found with the click of a button. Just never misplace your smartphone and you’ll be golden.


Amazon price: $29.99

8. Lightsaber


You heard me! While it can’t cut through steel, it can help you relive your Star Wars fantasies. In light of The Last Jedi, get your Star Wars fan the customized lightsaber of their dreams and let them re enact all their favorite childhood battles with this real-life replica. Head to and create your own galactic gadget. They look and sound like the real thing for the ultimate fan. May the Force be With You.


prices vary based on quality and size.

9. Pogo Cam


What the manufacturer claims as the world’s smallest and lightest camera! See the world through the eyes of the beholder. The PogoCam attaches magnetically to your glasses. It weighs as much as two dimes. You can take 100 photos and six 30-second videos before transferring them. Let people see what you see and vice versa! Whoever you get this gadget for is sure to feel like a true spy kid or a Bond, James Bond.


retail: $149.00

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