The 8 Windows 10 Shortcuts You Didn’t Know You Needed

1. Create or Close Virtual Desktops

Keyboard Shortcut: Windows + Ctrl + D (to create virtual desktop), Windows +
Ctrl + F4 (to close them)

Alas.  Windows 10 finally brings the virtual desktop into the picture. Way back when
the Mac OS X Leopard was used they allowed for multiple desktops to let you expand
your environment beyond the single frame within your machine. This allows you to
segregate your tasks or group of tasks to their own desktops and the option to switch
easily back and forth.

You didn’t realize you had a backyard, a storage room, and an attic until now.

2. Switching between your virtual desktops

keyboard shortcut: Windows + Ctrl + Left (arrow key), Windows + Ctrl + Right (arrow key)

Now that you know you can create virtual desktops, it would probably
be good to know how to navigate through them. You’ll most likely look like a
mad scientist when you navigate desktops at the speed of light. Or perhaps you
need to swap out that Netflix episode when your boss peers over your cube…

Either way, you got a bit cooler and a lot sneakier.

3.  Toggle the Windows 10 Task View

Keyboard Shortcut: Windows + Tab

There is no need to waste those 4 seconds of grabbing your mouse
just to minimize a window or cycle through the next tab.

2 buttons. That’s it. Now you can see from a birds-eye-view what tasks you have
open and easily navigate to the one you’d like to use next.

Keep your fingers on the keys… you’re a power user now.

4.  Easily Position Your Apps

Keyboard Shortcut: Windows + Left (arrow key), Windows + Right, Windows + Up, Windows + Down

You can tell a lot about a person by the way they position their apps…

Well, not really. But instead of a dramatic mess of disorganization you now can use
the up, down, left, and right arrow key coupled with the windows button to position them
proportionately in your screen.

Side by side, left and right, or on top of each other. Whatever tickles your display fancy,
it’s possible with your arrows.

5. Launch Apps that are Pinned to you Task Bar

Keyboard Shortcut: Windows + 1, Windows + 2… Windows + 0

For those of you neat freaks out there you probably pin your apps
cleanly onto the task bar to keep then close by when you need it. Holding your windows key with the addition of the number it’s ordered in will correspond with the app displayed. Now you
can move swiftly through the apps that are open.

6. Pull Up the Start Context Menu

Keyboard Shortcut: Windows + X

You’re nearly a self-sufficient power user now, so you’ll enjoy this one.
Quickly hit the windows key and the letter X will bring up the start menu that you
would see if you right clicked it with you mouse.  This fast sequence gives you access
to some of the more powerful features like a direct line to the Control Panel and Task Manager.

Shazam!  Instant access.

7. Lock Your Machine

Keyboard Shortcut: Windows + L

Okay, so it may not be newest shortcut known to users, but still worth
mentioning. If you need to quickly get on the move hit this combination and
lock your screen instantly.

Locked and loaded.

8. Launch Windows File Explorer

Keyboard Shortcut: Windows + E

For some of you this may be review, and for those of you who don’t know
your life is about to get better. Pull up your file explorer in a split-second and
get going. Bing, bang, boom.

Stop using your mouse already, you’ve leveled up your game. When you’re ready, start
leveling up your career with our HD Interactive training courses.