The Current State Of The IT Industry

How do tech workers feel about their careers? Computerworld’s 29th annual IT Salary survey found the answer to this question and many more. We’ve brought you the highlights so you can compare your vision with that of 4,800 IT professionals.

More people are getting raises and compensation spiked heavily this year.

It’s been a few years in the making, but this year salaries made a nice jump. Plus, depending on your metropolitan area, respondents were seeing bonuses upwards of 15%.

2012 2013 2014 2015
Received a raise in the past year 47% 57% 60% 46%
Average increase in total compensation 1.8% 2.2% 2.0% 3.6%

Organizations are hiring these skills in the next 12 months

App development is the most in-demand skill, as 41% of managers plan to hire for the role this year. An interesting stat is that 36% of managers say it is taking 3 to 6 months to fill open positions.

Skill % of Respondents*
Application Development 41%
Help desk/IT Support 36%
Business Intelligence/analytics 25%
Security 24%
General IT 22%
Database Analysis 18%
Cloud Computing 17%
Network Administration 16%
Networking 15%
Web Design/Development 12%
Data Management 10%
Data Mining/Data Warehousing 10%

*multiple responses allowed

Thinking About Jumping Ship?

A hot job market means lots of headhunting. About half of people are staying put, but 58% of people say that a recruiter has approached them about job opportunities.

Not looking for a new job 48%
Passively looking for a new job at a different organization 37%
Actively looking for a new job at a different organization 9%
Seeking a new job within the same organization 6%

How Satisfied Are You With Your Compensation?

Despite bigger paychecks, is it shocking that only half of respondents are satisfied? Interesting enough, 21% of people are less satisfied now than 12 months ago with their pay.

Top 5 Challenges In The Workplace

The major concern here is staying relevant. Both managers and staffers are seeing the benefit of being ahead of the curve with newly updated technologies such as VMware 6 and Windows 10

Keeping up with technology advancements 20%
Alignment of IT with the business 17%
Undervaluing older workers 13%
IT talent shortage 12%
Job losses due to outsourcing 11%

Top 5 Certification Topics On The Radar

Security 20%
Networking 17%
Systems Administration 16%
Project Management/Process 12%
Architecture 8%

Taking It All In…

IT is a great industry to be in. Over 84% of professionals stated they are satisfied or very satisfied with their career, and 50% state that it is more secure than most other career paths. Want to know more? Read the full report here and then check out our training demos to see what you future could hold…