The Top 5 Announcements From Apple WWDC

If you’re like us, you didn’t get a chance to fly to SF and take part in WWDC this year. Well…here’s a quick roundup of what we all missed.

1. Apple Music

The highly anticipated Apple Music has all the necessary features, such as streaming your favorite artists, watching music videos and exclusive clips in HD, and listening to curated playlists. The feature “Connect” allows unsigned artists to upload and promote their music as well.

2. OS X El Capitan

OS X 10.11, otherwise known as El Capitan, tweaks the OS X experience and improves performance via “Metal”. Also, Spotlight allows for more extensive and integrated search capabilities.

3. watchOS

In less than 2 months, the Apple Watch is receiving a massive update. There’s a little bit more interactivity overall and developers will have more control.  Some of the latest improvements to iOS 9 like transit directions in Maps will hit the watch as well.

4. IOS 9

iOS 9 is supposed to even take up less space on your iPhone, and it offers a “low power mode” to squeeze three extra hours out of the battery. The iPad, meanwhile, has new productivity options — among other things, users can open two apps side-by-side on an iPad Air 2. Developers can get their hands on all the new features when Apple drops the first-ever public beta in July.

5. The New News

Newsstand is gone, the new News is here. Resembling a hybrid of Flipboard and Facebook Instant News, it lets you follow publications or topics, or have the app suggest new content based on what you read. Some publications will even be able to design their stories specifically for it as well.