The Top 4 Paying Tech Jobs For 2016

Although starting pay for most IT jobs according to the Robert Half Salary Guide
are expected to increase in 2016, there are some out there that are off to the races and not looking back.

Here are four tech jobs that may see the largest increase in starting pay next year:

4. Mobile Application Developers

Mobile app developers are in high demand due to the growth in use for mobile devices across the board, but more importantly the rise in enterprise level app development. Don’t be surprised when corporations start to build these apps in house. Did you know that the first enterprise level mobile development training finally exists?

2016 Projection: 8.2% increase in starting pay ($115,250 – $175,750)

3. Data Scientists

It’s no secret. Companies are relying on data more and more. Rightly so. They are the fabric of big decisions being made for the future of the company, therefore having a razor sharp data scientist who they can depend on will get paid out.

2016 Projection: 8.9% increase in starting pay ($109,000 – $153,750)

2. Big Data Engineers

There has to be a team of bright minds behind the data being developed and interpreted in order for the enterprise to make an informed decision. Big Data teams are beginning to be seen as the “A-Team” around the office. They have the truest pulse on the performance and have built a case for this high demand.

2016 Projection: 8.9% increase in starting pay ($129,500 – $183,500)

1. Wireless Network Engineers

If this falls under your reign, you’ve hit the jackpot. This is the highest increasing starting salary of all IT jobs in 2016. The general push toward wireless offices married with the growth of mobile application development has been quite the catalyst. These new apps have to be tested in a wireless environment after all, right? Basically, everything is about to hinge on this gold mine. Congratulations!

2016 Projection: 9.7 % increase in starting pay ($108,750 – $150,750)

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