30-Minutes to a Less Vulnerable Network: How to Start or Improve Your Vulnerability Management Program

Network Security

By reading this blog post, you’ve been invited to StormWind Studio’s upcoming QuickCast: 30-minutes to a Less Vulnerable Network with Mike Vasquez. This QuickCast is exclusive to IT professionals.Network Security OfficeVulnerability management is an essential element of creating a secure networking environment.  Join Mike Vasquez, Senior Technical Instructor at StormWind Studios, as we discuss vulnerability management and tools for companies of all sizes.

Learn how to make your system less vulnerable and more secure with this short QuickCast. In typical StormWind fashion, we skip the boring 1-hour PowerPoint webcast and give you an Epic Live, action-packed session in 30-minutes or less.

We dig deep into the operation of a typical vulnerability scanner, OpenVAS, from OpenVAS.org.  We examine the results of a scan and discuss the handling of false positives and negatives.

During this QuickCast:

  • Review vulnerability management techniques from an author of ISC2’s 2018 CISSP CBK
  • Identify the best tools to use to scan for vulnerabilities, the more accurate, the better
  • Discuss how to analyze the results of a scan for false positives and negatives
  • Examine OpenVAS and how to implement it into your vulnerability management program

This QuickCast is for you if:

  • You’re an IT Manager responsible for the security management of a system
  • You’re a Network Manager or Admin who performs security tasks
  • You’re an IT professional (aka IT warrior) concerned about the security of your systems and the prevalence of recent hacks and breaches


Mike Vasquez, Senior Technical Instructor, has almost 30 years of experience in IT management, cybersecurity, and in almost every vendor vertical. He has tactical experience with red team testing for Fortune 500 companies and personally discovered security vulnerability CVE-2008-0662. He currently teaches multiple StormWind courses, including the CISSP cert courses, and is developing 2 others. Mike Vasquez was also officially selected as an author for ISC’s next CISSP CBK coming out in 2018.