What to Do When You Get Too Delete-Happy as a Systems Administrator

Everyone has an “Oh No” moment while cleaning files and deleting things without a back-up. But what do you do when it happens to you?

We’ve all been there. It’s mid-morning and you’re already checking the clock every 27 seconds to see if its 5 pm yet. You’re having a day like this in the IT department:

bored day at the office

You’re bored. You’re hungry. Or you’re just hungry because you’re bored. Regardless, it’s a blah day. You’re cleaning out some old files and user accounts while day-dreaming of anything other than work. Then, you mindlessly delete a user account instead of disabling it. It slowly hits you that this wasn’t a smart thing to do. Suddenly, your day turns into this:

I did not just delete that.

What do you do? How do you retrieve a user account after you’ve deleted it? Well, in our new vBlog by Doug Bassett, Senior Technical Instructor, outlines how to save yourself a headache when you get a little too delete-happy. Find out more by watching this video:


Around 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every day. Some of that data is bound to be accidentally deleted or written over prematurely. In those moments, take Doug’s advice to save yourself the headache of recreating a user account after a careless deleting frenzy.

About the Instructor:

Doug brings over thirty years of experience in consulting, operations, network design and instruction, serving small office/home offices as well as global enterprises. As a technical instructor, Doug’s high energy, infectious enthusiasm and unmatched passion for training and “all things gizmo” leave students energized, excited and driven to devour complex technology and innovation. Known for getting the audience to do “the wave” at events, Doug was a featured speaker at Microsoft TechEd in Barcelona Spain on Virtual classroom training and has presented numerous times at Fortune 100 corporations like Microsoft and Apple. Wanna join his next class? Learn more here. 


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