Who do you want as your IT guy?: Star Wars Edition

Star Wars the Last Jedi
Star Wars the Last Jedi

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In anticipation for the upcoming premiere of the 8th episode among the famous franchise (set to release December 15th), StormWind wants to know which Star Wars character you would want at the helm of your IT support. Let’s travel to a galaxy far, far away. Imagine yourself; you’re a TYE-fighter pilot returning to the bay of a Star Destroyer. Your navigational system is cooked. If your ship needs to jump to light speed, even one microscopic malfunction can lead to total destruction and your ass is most definitely galactic grass. Who do you want stepping in and revamping your nav system back in to shape? Comment below and share!


Rey, the central protagonist in the latest trilogy, shows promise as an IT gal because of her venturous history. When we were first introduced to her in The Force Awakens, she was a scavenger living in poverty on the desert planet Jakku, trading parts from crashed ships for food. As the film played out, she not only proved herself as an adept fighter and pilot (now at the helm of the Millennium Falcon), but was also revealed to be Force sensitive and on the path to becoming a Jedi. We last saw her on a deserted island in hopes of gaining training from the beloved Luke Skywalker. Rey is diverse, a fast learner and is definitely a top candidate as an IT Technician.


Finn star wars stop forgetting your passwords

Finn is an extremely likeable character that contributes to comic relief and helpful friendship- all excellent qualities in an IT guy. Like Rey, his “origin story” remains a mystery. “Finn” is not his real name, but an adaptation of his given Stormtrooper code number, FN-2187. Well atleast we know he’s disciplined (another important quality in an IT guy). When we last saw Finn, he wasn’t in the best of shape after a dual with Kylo Ren- so working on the bay of the star destroyer may not be in his capabilities yet. Still, a likely candidate.

Luke Skywalker

luke skywalker when turning it off and turning it on again does nothing

As one of the most well known characters in cinematic history, Luke Skywalker offers both likeness and vulnerabilities in the role of an IT guy. As the only person in the universe to go through Jedi training and remain on the Light Side of the Force, Luke would certainly be able to fix any IT mishap no problem. However, Luke is downcast and wouldn’t be too much of a talker. Luke took the blame of the people his nephew killed under his training and sent himself into exile. So if you don’t mind a guy who will keep his head down and work quietly on his own, Luke might be the IT guy for you!

Ben Solo a.k.a. Kylo Ren

when you cant unplug your hard drive until it ejects

Kylo Ren comes close to finding Luke Skywalker in The Force Awakens, but after meeting the duo of Finn and Rey, he walked away empty handed and sporting a new scar on his face. Hey, at least it’s a legitimate reason for him to wear his mask. His quest to kill Luke will continue to take shape come Episode VIII. As an IT guy, it is worth noting that he is a guy filled with inner conflict, and uses his connection to the Dark Side of the Force to control the light within him. Basically, he may turn your nav system against you and send you to a different galaxy far, far away. Is that a risk you’re willing to take?

General Leia Organa

princess leia may the wifi be with you

Carrie Fisher’s General Leia Organa currently sits in an extremely important position for the future of the Star Wars franchise. * Spoilers ahead* Her son, Ben Solo (a.k.a. Kylo Ren) is the new central antagonist of the new series as well has the killer of her husband and true love. She also happens to be the leader in the largest organization fighting back against the tyrannical rule of The First Order. She should play an extremely important part in Star Wars: The Last Jedi so an IT position would be a little below her pay grade. Of course, how her importance and late, unfortunate death will lead into Episode IX is now a major question mark. In terms of IT, Leia definitely knows her way around the bay of a Star Destroyer.


chewie the network is slow

Chewbacca and Han Solo were best pals long before we met them in a Mos Eisley bar in A New Hope. As the story goes, Han rescued the Wookie from slavery. In eternal gratitude, Chewie promised a life debt that would stay with the space pirate until his very end in The Force Awakens. So where does our furry friend go now? As a new IT Technician? Maybe back home to Kashyyyk, but given how many years he’s dedicated to anti-totalitarian movements, one can assume that he will probably stay with Resistance. As co-pilot of the Millennium Falcoln for many years, Chewie knows the ins and outs of ship technicalities. However, systems might have been updated since the ’70s.


You may have heard of BB-8 being referred to as the “upgraded model” of the beloved R2-D2. The ball droid got the most action in Episode VII – riding around in Poe’s X-Wing and carrying around the movie’s big MacGuffin. But C-3PO and R2 had their roles to play as well. All of them still on the side of good as part of the Resistance. Given his immense popularity, BB-8 will probably still be rolling around with Poe and his pals, and both R2-D2 and C-3PO will probably be absolutely thrilled that Luke Skywalker is back in the picture. It’s no doubt that BB-8 (or R2) would be definite candidates as IT Technicians given their make up as, you know, droids.