Why you shouldn’t store passwords in your browser

Why you shouldn't store your passwords in your browser

Secure use of website passwords are just one of the many ways you can protect your company’s assets. From the CEO to the new sales representative, anyone that has access to an organization’s information systems needs a thorough understanding of their effect on cybersecurity. All of the employees at your company are the “human sensors” that must learn to identify the common risks involved in using everyday technology, as well as ways to use it safely, to protect themselves and their organization’s data.

Network security and password management would be a lot easier without the users. However, they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. So we’ve put together 145 reasons why your employees are bound to screw up your best efforts in cybersecurity management. Don’t worry, we’ve also included some tips on what to do about it. Download it today!

The Complete Guide to all the Reasons Your Users Will Screw Up Your Cybersecurity