Will These 2016 IT Predictions Hold True?

2016 IT Pedictions


 IoT Gets More Practical

The Internet of Things (IoT) has exploded into concept rapidly, but the
questions still remain. What does it really mean to be connected? Why should
we be connected to everything?

The goal in 2016 is to provide the means to allow devices to report without
having to work nearly as hard. What could this look like in the near future? It’s
easy to picture a few scenes of Minority Report or Iron Man with the idea
of predictive living. These benefits could boost productivity in making smarter
decision making.

 Simpler IT

For the purpose of simplification, businesses will continue to adopt converged
IT offerings or building blocks in hopes to react quicker than ever.

Times have changed and stitching these building blocks together doesn’t have
to be nearly as complicated as it once was.
How will simplification pay off in 2016?

 All Things Security

Security, security, security. Just as we expected the entire state of IT is
emphatically trying to catch up to the security trends and changes. Data breaches
continue to hit headlines more and more each day and no one wants to be next.

The proactive steps to secure data are taking shape as this subject has become
more and more serious. There has never been more motivation than today to
have the correct tools in place to empower organizations to be on the offense instead of
responding and reacting.
It’s safe to say that this is true for 2016 and years to come.



Let the data speak for itself!  This mantra will continue to reign
in board meetings as employees aim to defend their successes and
failures in front of their members. This ability to quantify and measure actionable
steps is imperative, especially as technology bleeds into all aspects of business.

They say this year IT will focus on forecasting based on the data.

How will this affect the future of IT?

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