PMP Book Review: PMBOK© 6th Edition and Agile Practice Guide©

Ashley Hunt's Review of the PMBOK 6

Ashley Hunt, Senior StormWind Studios PMP© instructor, received her shiny, new PMBOK© 6th Edition and Agile Practice Guide in the mail and she’s got A LOT to tell our fans. As we’ve been announcing this is the first change in the PMBOK© since 2012, and will affect PMP© earners from here-on-out! The new edition was released yesterday after much anticipation from the PMP community.

Here are three key takeaways from Ashley’s newest vBlog:

  1. Agile is joining the PMP© family with its very own Agile Practice Guide©
  2. The exams for PMP© and CAPM© are changing starting the beginning of 2018.
  3. We will be running two different courses for your PMP© certification! One for 5th Edition and one for 6th Edition to get you prepared regardless of where you’re at in preparation.

For full details and to get excited about these new resources, watch the video below!


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Transcript of video:

Hey there everybody. I’m Ashley Hunt, senior project management instructor here at Storm Wind Studios. I’ve got some news for you. Yesterday the project management institute dropped some knowledge that is the project management body of knowledge sixth edition into the circulation and to the general public. What’s so cool about the sixth edition is after reading through it and seeing it, it definitely is exactly what I thought it would be. It’s a bigger, better version of the project management body of knowledge fifth edition. The reason that I say that is every single chapter has an introduction as to tailoring environments or if you’ve got a hybrid project or how do we incorporate an “agile-esque” type of feel to this particular knowledge area.

We’re looking at scope or time or cost and so on. What’s super cool about this is #1: the inclusion of agile project management and #2: that the exam is going to be updating. I know there have been some rumors flying around and I just want to confirm that Q1 2018, we don’t have a definitive date yet. I would definitely say that if you’re planning on getting PMP© certified before the first of the year, it’s time to jump in. You’ll be taking the fifth edition exam until somewhere in January, February 2018. Once I’ve got a formal date, I’ll certainly let you know. What’s going to happen with this overlap period between the fifth and the sixth edition is that I’m going to run classes for both. I’m going to do fifth edition and I’m going to do a separate class for the sixth edition.

What that means for you is if for some reason you can’t get to it before January, maybe hold off and keep checking to figure out what dates those classes are actually going to be running. If you’re trying to cram in that fifth edition, definitely check the calendar to make sure that you can get into that class. The exams are very different. There’s a lot of new information, new processes and so on in the project management body of knowledge sixth edition. At the same time, the project management institute also dropped their agile practice guide. Same day, same time, and if you’re a project management institute member, you get a free download. If you’re not, you can definitely go on to and order a paperback copy of both or just one of the books. The cool thing about the agile practice guide is that it’s not an agile book of knowledge as maybe we were thinking it would be.

Instead, it’s like a companion document for the project management body of knowledge sixth edition. It is expanding on some of the concepts in the PMBOK© 6, like if you have this going on, how do you tailor your approach. The practice guide for agile is more about if you find yourself in this situation, how do you manage it in an agile fashion. It’s a very, very easy to understand practice guide. Here’s the thing with the ACP© exam, is that there have been some rumors that the exam could change. The project management institute is not advertising it. They are advertising the change for the PMP© because the PMBOK© sixth edition is so very different from the fifth edition.

As of right now, we’re status quo on the agile certified practitioner exam that covers everything in the practice guide and more. As soon as we find out whether or not that ACP© will be updated as well, I’ll certainly let you know. Just so you know, we are prepared, we are ready to go. If any other changes were to occur on the ACP©, I would get a handle for you before the changes. Check out, check out our live calendar. Definitely figure out if you’re trying to get PMP© certified. I highly recommend you do it now. The exam is slated to be much more difficult but comprehensive in that sixth edition somewhere in Q1, 2018. Either way, I’ve got you covered.

I definitely would go out to, check it out and definitely stay tuned on to figure out what the dates are, when the classes are launching. I highly recommend you go out and read that agile practice guide as well. If you don’t have a lot of experience in agile and you’re planning on taking the PMP© sixth edition in 2018, it’s a good precursor to some of the things that they’re talking about in PMBOK© 6. Hopefully that helped answer your questions. I know there’s been a lot of flurry of excitement around of this. Definitely good stuff. The PMBOK© 6 is awesome. I’m super excited to start teaching toward that content and have that combination of both agile and predictive or water fall project management. Times are changing. Time to get on board. Hope this helped. Thanks guys.

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